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DREAMTAI is an easy to use Stock trading software that advises you when to BUY/SELL stocks so as to maximize your profits and minimize your risk.



conducts online analysis of the stock trend .


identifies clear entry and exit signals and the number of shares to trade.


downloads free End of Day price data for your selected stocks.


precise BUY/SELL signals visually.


Create multiple watchlists of the stocks you want to track,
download daily free end of day price data
and get the Buy/ Sell signals after DreamTai scans the watchlists for tradeable signals.

You can view the charts as Candlestick Charts, Bar Charts or Line Charts.

All the stocks in the watchlist are sorted by PowerRanking ( which measures the intensity of buying/selling by the traders ), so you can immediately know which stock has higher buying volume and is more bullish and more likely to go up as compared to others.
Also, you can find out which are the strongest and the weakest stocks in your portfolio and make decision whether to hold them or sell them.

DreamTai generates a report of all the stocks in your watchlist.
Click the image below to see a sample generated report.

DreamTai uses stock scanning strategies which were developed using concepts by top world class trading experts like Jeff Cooper, Stephen Bigalow, Dave Landry, Rick Sandler.

The logic behind each scan result is clearly explained so the you can learn and implement these trading strategies.

DreamTai software is available for one time cost of $19.99 only for Windows Operating System.

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When your order is processed we will send you the complete package along with instructions via web delivery. Click the link below to go to the payment page. We use ClickBank for payments.

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DreamTai Com Inc. is a software company making innovative financial software DreamTai.com has been in operation since 2001 and has thousands of satisfied customers all around the world.



Sanjoy is a programmer with more than 10 years experience working at Wall Street designing, developing and maintaining mission critical computer systems.

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